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Specialist Abseiling Services

HiLine is an established building cleaning, painting and maintenance company based in Bedfordshire, just 60 miles from London, operating throughout the UK and into Europe.

With many years of practical experience behind us, diversifying our skills to suit challenging situations and environments, HiLine has become a leading force in commercial, industrial building refurbishment and maintenance.

Rope access is deployed as required and our trained abseiling teams are qualified and safe, whether undertaking an external or internal building clean or repair..

Contracts undertaken by HiLine Abseiling Ltd are comprehensively covered under the company's Employee and Public liability insurance.

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Dust and Extractor
  • Signs and Fascia
  • Escalator, Travelator

Breathing assistance and heat resistant clothing allow our abseilers the option to degrease and clean extractor outlets without restaurants having to close. Using these safe, rope access methods can minimise health and safety risk while cleaning work is undertaken.


Our abseilers are tradesmen and therefore used to working with their tools by their side. This difference, added to years of experience, allows us to deliver an efficient rope access service in the most awkward environments.


Abseiling can be a superb, safe way of gaining access to high-level dust removal, painting, internal and external cleaning. Using gantry, machine and other access methods can create disruption to business and could require a shut-down, or other cost implicating disadvantages.


Hiline will deploy machinery as required when cleaning large warehouses. Cherry pickers and scissor lifts for instance may be favourable for results within certain time frames and budgets. On our first site visit, prior to undertaking work, it is likely we will have the answers for complete access.


Hiline have built a reputation, with many multinational companies, proving that our methods for Industrial, Commercial cleaning, painting, repair and renovation are both efficient and safe.


Entrances to commercial buildings are of course busy places and not perhaps the ideal location for heavy machinery. As the picture above illustrates, abseil cleaners are an ideal solution inspection, servicing or repair.


Hiline have invested in much bespoke cleaning and access equipment, including the Karcher stairway and escalator cleaning system. Currently used at Luton Airport by Hiline, keeping the treadways on moving walkways and escalators clear of dirt and litter.



FAST and THOROUGH cleaning on escalators & travelators


Low Downtime

Satisfactorily wet-clean an escalator while it is moving.



Faster than with other systems available in the marketplace


Best of Both

Functions like a scrubber vacuum.


Call Hiline Abseiling Ltd now on 01234 826222 or Email us with your enquiries

Commercial External Building Cleaning, Repair and Restoration

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Roof Slate Building Repairs Window Cleaning Abseilers Building Cleaning and Restoration
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Roof Slate & Building Repairs Window Cleaning Abseilers Building Cleaning - Restoration
Building repairs including lead flashing, guttering, extractors, gullies, drainage channels and complete weather proofing.
Hiline have cleaned the windows on some of the tallest buildings in the UK. We are Commercial window cleaning experts.
Delicate structures, listed buildings. Hiline can advise on efficient repair methods. Including Brickwork Re-Pointing.
Painting Alton Towers Theme Park   Scaffolding Containment   Banner Installation
Commercial Painting Abseilers Tuff Coat Shrink Wrapping Banner Advertising Installation
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As part of the pre-season renovation at a large UK leisure park, Hiline were employed for a second time to refurbish and paint the miles of steelwork that the rides rely on. In addition to building cleaning requirements, Hiline abseiling painters were in force on this job.
Ideal for building cleaning, refurbishment and renovation, Hiline's team of shrink wrapping operatives can contain buildings, scaffolding, bridges and commercial structures, making them safe for the public at large through the control of work debris and cleaning solutions.
In the example above, Hiline abseilers first cleaned the building, then proceeded with the installation of this large advertising banner. Hiline also install signs and logo's at commercial premises. With the no fuss advantage of rope access we can almost go anywhere with minimum disturbance.