Banner and Sign Installation

Banner Fixing and Inspection

Whether for a show at an internal venue, a sports event or permanent fixture, Hiline abseiling have the experience required to fix advertising banners on buildings and also within internal awkward high, restricted access areas and public places.

Pictures to the right show Hiline deploying their rope skills to safely erect an advertising banner in a railway station.


Hiline also offer inspection and repair services for advertising banners on and within buildings.


Building Preparation

As shown in the example below, it is often worth considering cleaning and/or painting the proposed site prior to the installation for maximum value and delivery of the advertising message.


A clean, well presented building will attract attention and advertisers are more likely to be drawn to the location as a potential site.

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Hiline Banner Installation at a Railway Station
Rope access worker cleaning a building with a jet washer spacer Abseiler cleaning building with jet-washer spacer Abseiler painting a building spacer Advertising banner on a building install

Following the removal of the existing banner, Hiline proceed to clean the building face. Our power cleaning equipment has the facility for high and low pressure cleaning to suit the building surface, with options for hot water at extreme temperatures and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, we can prepare any surface. Next the cleaned face of the building is painted. Then the advertising banner is fixed at specific points down the building face to secure.


Commercial Building Sign Installers

Rope access is often the preferred choice for erecting signage on tall commercial premesis. It makes sense financially and offers a safe efficent installation.

Hiline abseilers have the experience to get the job done with the least amount of fuss and interuption to business.

We also inspect and repair building signs, facia, illumination and decor.

spacer Building Sign Installation spacer Building Sign Installation
  Hiline Sign installation at Bromley College