Building Maintenance and Pest control

Rooftop Bird Netting / Pigeon Protection

Bird Netting may sound harmful but the truth is that the methods we employ for removing access to rooftops and balconies for pigeons and other birds is completely safe for the birds and a humane deterrent. Pests can carry disease into a workplace and also cause the malfunction of air ducts and other ventilation points, apart from making the exterior of a building look unsightly. Netting is often the most cost effective solution for urban bird problems. A properly installed bird net cannot physically harm the birds - just frustrate them!

How it Works

The netting, if properly installed to ensure no gaps, presents an impenetrable barrier to keep the birds away from the surfaces being protected.

Where to Use

Virtually any part of a building, large or small.


Polyethylene or polypropylene netting with a steel/plastic suspension system.


Netting tightly suspended on a tensioned steel cable. Installed by trained Hi-Line operatives.




birds onn building - pest control

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A tight, well-installed Bird Netting of the right mesh size is the only proofing solution which can be confidently offered to solve virtually any urban bird problem. The netting used is specially made to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. It will not absorb water, will not rot, is stabilised against Ultra Violet light and is chemically inert. If a corrosion-resisting suspension system is used and provided the net is not physically damaged, you should expect a working life of 10 years or more.


Bird netting can be used vertically or horizontally, in small or large areas. The very wide range of fixings offered means that the netting can be suspended on virtually any structure or substrate. With specially designed fittings, it can even be used to protect roofs.


When properly installed, Bird Netting is very difficult to see from only a few metres away. Very often the only evidence is a shadow against the sky. The most popular colour is black, but on light coloured buildings stone or translucent netting may be preferable. A particularly discreet net is available in the 19mm (3/4") mesh size, appropriately called "Shadow Net". Translucent netting might also be appropriate for well-nets where people will be looking up through them at the sky.

Cost Effective

As one net can be used to protect many perching places.


Humane Pest Control Traps

HILine also installs a variety of humane traps for use in high access situations: Crawling Insect Traps, Moth Traps, Wasp Traps, Fly Control, Mouse Control, Mouse Bait Boxes and Traps, Rat Control, Rat Bait Boxes and Traps, Wildlife Control, Squirrel, Mink Control.


Commercial Building Repairs

Cleaning industrial / Commercial buildings is just part of the Hiline Abseiling maintenance service.
Our staff have years of experience working in many environments, using different skills with different tools. Due to this variety of work, our operatives can adapt their skills to suit all manor of tasks. We often perform roof and building surface inspection, including weather proofing, lead replacement and lead flashing installation, gutter and drain channel cleaning.


Hiline Abseiling will of course work from the ground and where required hire in equipment such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers for access. Our operatives hold relevant licence's / certification to enable safe efficient operation of this equipment.


External and internal building maintenance may include dust removal, window replacement, brickwork re-pointing, building cleaning, building painting, roof repairs and weatherproofing building inspection, pest control, fixings and fitting replacement, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal.


Hiline have many ongoing contracts where we are responsible for window cleaning and various other cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Bridge and Structure Repairs and Maintenance

On lage structures such as bridges it makes sense to use abseilers to perform steel refurbishment, painting and anti corrosion treatment.


Anti corrosion treatment on a bridgespacerAnti corrosion treatment on a bridgespacerAnti corrosion treatment on a bridge



Building Maintenance with Abseilers

Abseiler maintenace of building