Building Scaffolding Containment

Shrink Wrapping Buildings and Structures

Scaffolding containment can be achieved using our unique, safe system. Hiline can offer this service throughout the UK. The heat shrink building wrapping system we use is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Shrink Wrapping Bridges and Structures

Hiline can contain most buildings and structures, including bridges. A great solution while refurbishment work is carried out. Painting structures such as bridges can cause problems with traffic both above and below, and shrink wrapping can help contain any materials that are likely to escape, making a safe operational environment for both workers inside and the public outside.

Tuffcoat Shrink Wrapping Boats for Transportation

For transportation of expensive yachts and sports boats, shrink wrapping is a great solution. Inner padding can be used for certain sharp areas and then an overall shrink wrap can contain the complete boat, ready for transport.

spacer Scaffolding prior to heat shrink wrapping   Shrink wrapped scaffolding accross a river
Shrink wrapped scaffolding containing the work area, at a bridge refurbishment project. This containment stopped contamination of the stream it crossed while work was undertaken
Shrink Wrapped Steelwork spacer Shrink wrapped steelwork

Steelwork Containment, preventing weather damage

Scaffolding containment in London   Heat Shrinking
Scaffolding containment in London   Protecting a work area