Commercial Window Cleaning

Abseiling Window Cleaners

Hiline Abseiling offer a complete high level window cleaning service for commercial buildings, offices and high rise flats/developments.
Whether a one off clean as part of refurbishment or regular window cleaning services, we have teams ready to carry this out safely and with minimum disturbance or inconvenience.
Hiline regularly use rope access to clean windows and frames on some of the tallest buildings in the UK.


Hiline are not just abseilers, where required we will introduce other machinery as needed. Also, working from the ground we can reach 3rd floor windows using an extendable pole system and pure water to not only clean windows but the frames and infill's.
This system is ideal when used on a regular basis as the dirt from within the window frames and sills is constantly washed through keeping the glass and surround in good order as opposed to just the glass.

With Hiline Abseiling operatives benefiting from a wealth of experience in re-pointing, painting and other refurbishment tasks, as we clean your windows we have the opportunity to report on any damage that may have occurred to the building due to weathering, pests or other substrate and surface damage and offer solutions to refurbishments and repairs.

spacer window cleaning abseilers
Hiline abseilers cleaning windows on a tall building
Abseilers window cleaning spacer Abseilers window cleaning spacer Abseilers window cleaning spacer Abseilers window cleaning
Abseilers cleaning windows at a commercial premises
Rope access is the ideal solution for quick, efficient window cleaning
Abseilers window cleaning and removing plants from brickwork as part of building refurbishment.
Abseilers window cleaning on a commercial building.


Abseiling Window Installation

Our abseiling teams are also skilled in the installation of windows and frames. Rope access can be a cost effective way of fitting windows on buildings such as flats due to not having the additional charge for scaffolding.
We also offer painting for window frames as part of our refurbishment options.