Brickwork Re-Pointing and Repair

Abseiler repointing brickworkRefurbishment and Restoration

When refurbishing a building Hiline has a wealth of knowledge as to which methods to use.
Whether cleaning a slate roof, re-fitting windows, painting or general maintenance and cleaning, our expert abseiling teams can advise on the correct application of cleaning agents if required. All our work is carried out within health and safety requirements, causing minimum inconvenience to those within or around the project.

Hi-Line offer many teams of skilled tradesman, with the advantage of rope access certificated training. Due to the variety of work they perform, our abseilers are more likely to be able to 'turn their hand' to almost any fixing, cleaning, repair or installation. Ideal for roof top work and high level access, where certification may be required for operation of equipment.

For the safe removal of Paint, Graffiti, Bitumen, Oil & Grease, Chewing Gum, Algae and other High Carbon Grime we can employ a low pressure high temperature water system that will remove these coatings without damaging the building surface.
Eco friendly cleaning agents can be added if required to further the impact of this system. Access is a huge advantage Hiline Abseiling have over traditional building cleaning, restoration and painting services.

Brickwork Re-Pointing Using Abseilers

The money that can be saved using our rope access methods for brickwork re-pointing in comparison to the erection of scaffold or hiring of boom, scissor lift equipment is quite outstanding. When you add to this, the health and safety risks and possible disruption to local community and environment, it becomes clear why abseiling access for building work such as brickwork re-pointing is becoming more widely used.

Stately home refurbishment
TRUSTED Listed Building and Stately Homes External Cleaning and Refurbishment Services

Our methods involve the safe removal of carbon pollutants from:
Stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete & many other materials. Also oxidation/Sulphuration products from Bronze, Brass, Copper, Anodised Aluminium etc.

Using low air pressure, and taking advantage of the unique rotational vortex on delivery in our heated water jet system, a variety of abrasives can be added to gently remove dirt.

The cleaning process we use on delicate surfaces gives a new dimension in cleaning technology doing no harm to the environment because it is chemical free.

Anti corrosion treatment on a bridgeCommercial Building Repairs

Cleaning industrial / Commercial buildings is just part of the Hiline Abseiling maintenance service.
Our staff have years of experience working in many environments, using different skills with different tools. Due to this variety of work, our operatives can adapt their skills to suit all manor of tasks. We often perform roof and building surface inspection, including weather proofing, lead replacement and lead flashing installation, gutter and drain channel cleaning.


Hiline Abseiling will of course work from the ground and where required hire in equipment such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers for access. Our operatives hold relevant licence's / certification to enable safe efficient operation of this equipment.

External and internal building maintenance may include dust removal, window replacement, building cleaning, building painting, roof repairs and weatherproofing building inspection, pest control, fixings and fitting replacement, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal.

Hiline have many ongoing contracts where we are responsible for window cleaning and various other cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Bridge and Structure Repairs and Maintenance

On lage structures such as bridges it makes sense to use abseilers to perform steel refurbishment, painting and anti corrosion treatment.