Extractor, Air Vent Cleaning and Dust Removal

Extractor Cleaning

Extraction Outlet Clean

Usually, due to the restaurant being open most hours, and the heat/fumes generated in normal daily operation, the cleaning of the extraction channels proved to be difficult before Hiline were involved.
Recently, working at a Burger King restaurant, (pictured) Highline Abseiling was able to perform this operation without the restaurant having to shut. We collated the required safety equipment including breathing assistance and heat resistant clothing, giving our abseilers the option to perform the cleaning of the extractor without the restaurant having to close, and without any health and safety risk. An awkward job, made easy by our skilled abseilers.

Air Vent Installation

Air Vent Installation and Repairs

Our services are often used for the installation and repair of air intake vents on flats and offices. Using rope access is possiblly the most cost effective way of carrying out this kind of work, without the need for scaffolding and also helping to minimise the health and safety risks involved.

Air Vent Installation

Fan maintenance, Repair and Inspection

Hiline Abseiling have performed many dust removal projects in placements throughout the UK.
Usually un-thought of, abseiling can be a superb, safe way of gaining access to high-level internal and external cleaning within offices and warehouses. Often, using gantry, machine and other access methods can mean a shut-down or other cost implicating disadvantages and disruption to business.
We will use other methods if required, however there are often other ways to approach a job and due to the huge range of diverse work Hiline perform, we have many answers based on experience.

Swimming Pool Steelwork Dust Removal

Hiline recently completed a dust removal and clean to the internal structure of a swimming pool. Using our qualified abseilers meant our service could be performed with minimal disruption, without awkward machinery and access problems.