Commercial Building Weatherproofing

Roof repair in progress

Hiline abseilers often work on roof tops due to the variety of work we undertake.

We are competent in the installation and repair of commercial building roof weatherproofing applications and have worked on the roof of flats, offices and industrial businesses throughout the UK, offering inspection and advice on suitable coatings and coverings.

A company that works at height on a daily basis.. Hiline are Safe, Insured and Qualified for roof work.

Slate Roof Repairs

Hiline carry out both slate and lead roof repairs on various buildings, including churches and historical locations throughout the UK. Our expertise in this work allows us to advise on the best access methods and materials to be used to carry out the installation or repair. Why not call us to discuss your requirements.


Lead Flashing and Guttering Repairs

Hiline abseilers can quickly assess and repair lead flashing and guttering and drainage channels on commercial buildings.
This can of course be done without any disruption to business.
As part of a maintenance overview, lead flashing, guttering and water drainage is without doubt an important defence the building against the weather and should be periodically inspected.

The tools we need to work with are attached to our abseilers and materials can safely be lowered for installation.